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Big City Mom Food Blogger

After a very long hiatus, I decided to return to blogging. This past year was very busy! I have mentioned previously that I was working as a pastry chef for a catering company with intense working hours. In June, I gave birth to a bouncy beautiful baby girl named Ora Ayla.

Not to be “pun-ny” but my plate was quite full…

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August 28- January 8.

Four months without posting on a food blog may be viewed as throwing in the <dish> towel.  I still cook daily, I eat daily, and create recipes daily- but blogging about food after I got my new job was not possible. Being an assistant pastry chef at a busy catering company takes a lot of energy. My commute to NYC is the 530 AM train, arrive home between 3-6 PM…sometimes 8 PM during busy holiday season. In no way am I going to complain to you. I am invigorated to cook the most beautiful pastries and sweet morsels throughout my day.

As wonderful as the job is, standing on your feet all day hits you smack in the face on the way home. All I want is my bed and a quick dinner. If I have energy I whip up something fun for my husband and I- see here on my Instagram, but writing a story behind the recipe suddenly became difficult. Continue reading

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Taking a vaca…here’s what the past week of my life looked like. Caterer, chef, product reviews and more. Life of a blogger!


Product reviews are always a nice refresher from my own recipes. When the product is so good that you begin eating out of the jar? I know that Gold’s must be happy, but my waistline isn’t smiling. This is one jar-lickin’  good product folks.

(Can only tease with pictures, the recipes are up on Joy Of Kosher!)

This is just a preview of my week, when I return from my vacation I will be posting recipes and more! Enjoy…

Click here for recipe of fish. Click here for burger recipe.

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Vintage remix ~Pesto, ricotta infused quinoa~ ‘stuffed cabbage’ rolls.



A real treat tonight.

Delightful new twist on an outdated dinner entrée! Stuffed cabbage made modern and healthy. Homemade pesto (my ever classic recipe), ricotta infused quinoa and light cabbage rolled into one.

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Not yo’ grandma’s green bean casserole… Gluten Free!



Let’s dive right in and delight the taste buds. Green bean casserole; Gluten-free, easy to make and delicious. May seem like a random vintage recipe, but the tastes were oh so 2013!

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9 days dinner night #3… Mascarpone, crab and broccoli brown rice pasta. Mangia!


Dinner #3: Nine days (Check out last night’s eggplant dish!)

Luscious and creamy baked pasta with minimal effort. After a long day at work I wanted to make a nice dinner for family; my brother and sister came for dinner! My brother Max dubbed this dish “restaurant quality.” The Hubs ate two bowls. It may sound like a weird combination to mix imitation crab with dairy and a vegetable; but the dish was more than harmonious.  Continue reading

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This is how I do…The red, white and blue.

Happy Fourth!


Mini peach, pomegranate, lime AND red chili pies

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Hey spaghetti, want to try something new? Boiled egg yolk cream sauce time.



“More please.” That’s my basic description of this recipe. A cream sauce that is rich, decadent and not full of cheese? This is one sneaky pasta dish for the taste buds. I tricked my buds into thinking this was a very fattening sauce…au contraire! Full of egg yolk (protein) instead of heavy butter and cheese. Read on to find out my secret!

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Granola “Croutons!” Kosher link up connection post…


I love granola. Like full on “give me the whole box now”, love. One thing I do not love? The fat, calories, and sugar that come with eating a box of store bought granola. My challenge? To make low-fat, low sugar granola in a new form. Just in time for this months’ Kosher Link Up post. The assignment was to create croutons. No specific rules-  just make croutons. I knew I had to make granola dessert croutons, and make them healthy. No sugar, butter, or eggs in this post. This recipe is 100% pareve, vegan, and packed with protein!

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