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August 28- January 8.

Four months without posting on a food blog may be viewed as throwing in the <dish> towel.  I still cook daily, I eat daily, and create recipes daily- but blogging about food after I got my new job was not possible. Being an assistant pastry chef at a busy catering company takes a lot of energy. My commute to NYC is the 530 AM train, arrive home between 3-6 PM…sometimes 8 PM during busy holiday season. In no way am I going to complain to you. I am invigorated to cook the most beautiful pastries and sweet morsels throughout my day.

As wonderful as the job is, standing on your feet all day hits you smack in the face on the way home. All I want is my bed and a quick dinner. If I have energy I whip up something fun for my husband and I- see here on my Instagram, but writing a story behind the recipe suddenly became difficult. Continue reading

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Good Shabbos post…Numero cinco. #5 right in time for Shabbos cinco de mayo!


Introducing… my Israeli themed Shabbat. Thank you to my wonderful friend Aviva, for lending me her “Jerusalem Cookbook.” I made the chummus and the butternut squash salad below from this book. I feel very proud and Israeli today cooking these delicious dishes. Can’t wait for Shabbos!

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Time for the weekly Good Shabbos post… Enjoy!


Quinoa with ground beef, black beans, tomatoes, onions, and tomato sauce.
Mashed sweet potatoes with maple syrup and sea salt.


Challah with onions baked into bottom


Red wine braised mushrooms


Apple tart, pre oven, pre finished. Crust is GF of course, made with oats, quinoa, and chia seeds. Ground in coffee grinder for a flour like consistency. Added cinnamon, agave, and margarine (was out of Smart Balance…kill me for using margarine!) Apples tossed with lemon juice, baked at 375 for an hour.

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