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August 28- January 8.

Four months without posting on a food blog may be viewed as throwing in the <dish> towel.  I still cook daily, I eat daily, and create recipes daily- but blogging about food after I got my new job was not possible. Being an assistant pastry chef at a busy catering company takes a lot of energy. My commute to NYC is the 530 AM train, arrive home between 3-6 PM…sometimes 8 PM during busy holiday season. In no way am I going to complain to you. I am invigorated to cook the most beautiful pastries and sweet morsels throughout my day.

As wonderful as the job is, standing on your feet all day hits you smack in the face on the way home. All I want is my bed and a quick dinner. If I have energy I whip up something fun for my husband and I- see here on my Instagram, but writing a story behind the recipe suddenly became difficult. Continue reading

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9 days dinner night #3… Mascarpone, crab and broccoli brown rice pasta. Mangia!


Dinner #3: Nine days (Check out last night’s eggplant dish!)

Luscious and creamy baked pasta with minimal effort. After a long day at work I wanted to make a nice dinner for family; my brother and sister came for dinner! My brother Max dubbed this dish “restaurant quality.” The Hubs ate two bowls. It may sound like a weird combination to mix imitation crab with dairy and a vegetable; but the dish was more than harmonious.  Continue reading

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Cheesecake Remix. Vivid green, bright orange, glossy cheese topping… Healthy ‘Cheese’cake!

cheesecakeremixwords   The Jewish holiday of Shavuot is quickly approaching! Dairy, dairy, dairy; the highlight of this holiday. I am getting a tad tired of desserts (baking 5 hours a day at my current wonderful job). I needed to eat something savory. This is my combination of a quiche, savory cheesecake, and delicious vegetables. Sweet potato ricotta “cheesecake”, topped with spinach cream, and cheese.  Continue reading

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It’s my birthday and I’ll cook if I want to

crema1Happy birthday…to me! I turned 25 today thank G-d, and what did I do to celebrate? Cook. Then cook some more. Then eat all of it happily. It may seem strange but lately, even though I feel exhausted from working as a chef, I am so excited to be cooking constantly. I thrive off of the meals I am able to create, then serve at the amazing Odradeks Coffee house in Queens. I hope you will come visit to taste our incredible pastries, coffee, sandwiches, wraps, artisan pizza, milkshakes…must I go on??

For today’s post, I do have to apologize to you my dear readers. I do not feel up to posting this complicated recipe today. I can tell you what is in it, and hopefully get to posting it by Friday. For now, I can tell you ingredients and the gist of it… It was amazing, creamy, and healthy. Enjoy! Continue reading

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Leftovers from my Saint Patty’s pasta? Make eggplant rollatini!

rollup good

Served with a side salad and creamy garlic dressing

If you follow my blog, you might see a pattern in the past several recipes. I have been using the extra ingredients in creative and non-wasteful ways. I do not like to waste food. No more throwing out my leftover dinner means saving plenty of money on grocery bills! Leftovers that your family will want to keep eating is not an easy feat. So, I hope my recipes will give you hope to have fun and be adventurous with your leftovers!

(Tonight’s recipe includes ingredients from Saint Patty’s pasta, and Gimme a quiche. If you made both of these recipes, go you! I hope you enjoyed every last bite.) Continue reading

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Gimme a quiche: Delicious twist on your average entrée


Morning sun on my mini spinach quiche

Bored of your typical quiche? Look no further! Try IWTFD‘s mini brown rice crusted quiche, filled with vitamin packed spinach! Time to check for ingredients. Frozen spinach? Brown rice? Cheese? Milk? Spices? If you answered yes to all the above, then read on and get cooking! If not, go to the grocery store…I will wait, and come back to make this healthy twist on quiche. Continue reading

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Gluten Free Tuna Noodle Casserole. My picky 18 year old sister ate it, so will you…


Tuna Noodle Casserole. Not really loved by all and I can see why. Tuna is too dry, pasta is mushy, the sauce is not tasty enough… and the list could go on. I on the other hand, needed to make all the above taste good PLUS make it Gluten Free? Challenge accepted! Continue reading

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