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Rosh Hashana REMIX- Turkey ‘meatballs’/ pear apple curry sauce…Crostini



Oh hello there.

Tired of those Rosh Hashana apple dishes that taste like Bubby? This new take on a RH appetizer that is tres chic will wow your guests. Please join me as I take you through this delicious, crispy, salty, sweet and savory dish.

**Note- this is served with a ciabatta roll. To substitute for GF eaters- use a GF roll. **

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Not yo’ grandma’s green bean casserole… Gluten Free!



Let’s dive right in and delight the taste buds. Green bean casserole; Gluten-free, easy to make and delicious. May seem like a random vintage recipe, but the tastes were oh so 2013!

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Let’s get saucy. Frothy citrus jalapeno “butter” mousse.

creamsauceLet’s celebrate. Today ends my first week as the new chef and food prep gal at Odradeks coffee house in Kew Gardens, NY. What an incredible week it has been! If any of you are chefs out there or work in the food industry, you can understand what this kind of tired feels like. On your feet long hours, running around, and being in a hot kitchen. Don’t think I am complaining…I feel alive for the first time in my life.  Continue reading

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All hail the mighty kale part two… and sausage pasta stir fry!

sausagepastaI’m a kale girl. Like full on KALE LOVER. It’s bitter taste and exciting green color livens up any dish I choose to place it in.  Add sausage stuffed with fennel, spices, and pure meaty goodness from Jack’s Gourmet… Now that is what I WANT for dinner! Continue reading

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