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Rosh Hashana REMIX- Turkey ‘meatballs’/ pear apple curry sauce…Crostini



Oh hello there.

Tired of those Rosh Hashana apple dishes that taste like Bubby? This new take on a RH appetizer that is tres chic will wow your guests. Please join me as I take you through this delicious, crispy, salty, sweet and savory dish.

**Note- this is served with a ciabatta roll. To substitute for GF eaters- use a GF roll. **

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Taking a vaca…here’s what the past week of my life looked like. Caterer, chef, product reviews and more. Life of a blogger!


Product reviews are always a nice refresher from my own recipes. When the product is so good that you begin eating out of the jar? I know that Gold’s must be happy, but my waistline isn’t smiling. This is one jar-lickin’ ¬†good product folks.

(Can only tease with pictures, the recipes are up on Joy Of Kosher!)

This is just a preview of my week, when I return from my vacation I will be posting recipes and more! Enjoy…

Click here for recipe of fish. Click here for burger recipe.

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